Arch Villa


West along  the coast of Rhodes there is the  small village of Fanes of about  1000 inhabitats.

Located  in  this quiet and picturesque village in the middle of the island, Arch Villa gives you the opportunity easily to visit evey tourist attraction you wish.

Fanes is an active traditional agricultural village with little narrow streets with an authentic pace of life. In the village you will find pharmacy, mini-market, cafeteria, church, butcher shop, petrol station, (5*5) football field, bakery, traditional tavernas where you can taste the greek cuisine and a health care centre opposite the house. The local baker, fishmonger and greengrocer deliver around the village and honk their horn on their rounds delivering fresh bread, pies, fresh fish and vegetables, so make sure you will wave them down in time.

There is also a picturesque harbour which makes it the base for many fishermen who in turn offer their fish at the local tavernas. The ultimate windsurfing holidays in the finest location. There are two kite and windsurfing schools at the beach where these watersports are very popular due to the favorable weather conditions. The beach is flat-long and isolated with tamarisk trees for some natural shade. In the water there is only sand and the depth remains at 1.2 metresafter some metres distance from the coast. There is also a bus station on the main highway within 5 minutes walk and the bus connection to Rhodes downtown is 30 minutes.

Experience the authentic hospitality of Fanes staying in a traditional greek villa Arch Villa ! Read more about the accomodation in Arch Villa in Fanes.

Nearby Attractions


Kameiros is an ancient city on the island of Rhodes. lies on the northwest coast of the island, three km west of the village of Kalavarda.The ancient city was built on three levels. At the top of the hill was the acropolis, with the temple complex of Athena Kameiras and the stoa. A covered reservoir having a capacity of 600 cubic meters of water—enough for up to 400 families—was constructed about the sixth century BC. Later, the stoa was built over the reservoir. The stoa consisted of two rows of Doric columns with rooms for shops or lodgings in the rear.


The Monastery of Filerimos in Rhodes: The Monastery of Panagia Filerimos is located on a hill above Ialyssos, about 10 km from Rhodes Town. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary the Life-Giving Source (Zoodochos Pighi) and its architecture is much different than the usual monasteries in Greece. It was constructed with stone in a Gothic style, on the site of an older Byzantine monastery.

Butterfly valley

The Valley of Butterflies is a natural park located at a distance of 23 km from the capital Rhodes. Belongs to a Natura 20001 protected zone. It is the place where tiger moths of the species Panaxia Quadripunctariagather in summer. This species of butterfly is common in the Mediterranean, in Europe and in Western Asia.

Seven springs

One of the most charming destinations on Rhodes, Seven Springs offers a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis, even in the heat of high summer, swamped in greenery. Waters come out from the springs all year around, which end up in a small lake. You get to the lake walking through a narrow tunnel of 186m. The lake exists thanks to a dam built by the Italians, in order to provide the nearby Kolymbia with fresh water. The area of Seven Springs and the nearby forests are suitable for walking.