Arch Villa

Arch Villa

Arch Villa is an old family property which was built almost 200 years ago. The fact that several previous generations have lived here, makes it a herilloom of a sentimental value to us and an unforgettable experience  for you! The love of our homeland and especially of this villa sparked the idea of renovation in 2010 and we are of great pleasure to offer you such a traditional old house with a long history. 

You can step back in time to greek days of old and enjoy the real authentic greek village experience. It is the perfect set up for your family relaxing holidays. 

The house occupancy is 7 aduIts. It is 70 m² (50m² the old main house and 20m² the recently built kitchen and bathroom). It is an open plan house supported by an arch, with antique furniture, handcrafted wooden structures and stone floor. Here you can enjoy a unique accommodation out of the ordinay!

Due to its particular construction we suggest that it is not suitable for guests with disabilities.

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